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Sr.No. Important Laws Name of Act/Govt Rule View / Download
1Law Governing Medico Legal AspectsConsumer protection Act view/download
2Law Governing The Safety of Patients, Public and Staff Within the Hospital Premises and Environmental Protection Biomedical medical waste management handling rules view/download
Environment protection Act view/download
Environment protection Rule view/download
The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess (Amendment) Act, view/download
3Law Governing The Safety of Patients, Public and Staff within the Hospital PremisesGas cylinder Rules view/download
Radiation protection Rules view/download
Explosive Act 1884 (for diesel storage) view/download
The Indian fatal accidents Act view/download
Vaccination (Repeal) Act view/download
4Law Related to Governing the Commissioning of HospitalCompanies Act view/download
Karnataka Medical Registration (Amendment) Act view/download
Delhi nursing home registration Act view/download
Bombay Nursing Homes Registration (Amendment) Act, view/download
Fire safety rulesndment) Act, view/download
5Regulations Governing The Business Aspects of HospitalThe Public Liability Insurance Act view/download
The Public Liability Insurance Rules view/download
Income Tax ACT view/download
Charitable and religious trust Act view/download
6Laws Governing the Qualifications / Practice and Conduct of ProfessionalsIndian nursing council Act view/download
Dental council of India regulations view/download